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Want To Hire A Kiln?

If you want to take your pottery to the next level and have learned a bit more about what it entails, you can fire your clay creations in a kiln. This is a great way to make more functional items with your clay, such a mugs, bowls or plates, but bare in mind they will need to be glazed properly with a food safe glaze to be able to eat or drink from them. 

We have partnered up with the guys over at Kiln Share to help creatives find kilns to rent. Simply click here to search the map and find a kiln near to you.

Simply contact the owner via the form on their listing page, tell them what you would like to fire, what clay/glaze type you've used, and wait for them to reply.

Kiln owners set their own prices and firing rules. They also get to decide if they want to fire your work in their kiln. Learn more about how it works.